Our Services

Construction works

In our company, Al Ahwar group contracting & general maintenance & building demolition, we understand the value of time, money, effort, and quality when it comes to construction and structural works, in concrete, carpentry, reinforcement, and everything related to it. We use Modern technologies to provide high-quality structural works that conform to the specifications, plans, and instructions of the relevant governmental and administrative agencies, and to ensure the sustainability and safety of the elements, while ensuring customer satisfaction is first.

Architectural works

Where our team understands the architectural requirements of projects from the beginning, ever the project is small or large, so that we meet the needs of current and future long-term customers while providing sufficient guarantees that reassure and satisfy the customer. Whereas, our team understands the approved design, and any problems or suggestions are discussed with the customer and his representatives (the project consultant) from the outset and proactively in order to avoid any delay or forms and discuss it with the customer or his representative. We do not hesitate to provide advice to our clients to benefit from our experiences, as we believe that honesty and advice are in the first.

Periodic maintenance and general maintenance

Al Ahwar group contracting & general maintenance & building demolition Company has a special maintenance team that specializes in following up the maintenance work received by the company and the daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual maintenance contracts with customers so that we make all maintenance conditions, especially emergency cases that cannot be delayed, so that we are ready 24 hours a day and all days of the week, including holidays and suitable and comfort Logical prices.

Interior design and decoration works

The finishing and decoration works are considered the final stage of the project and show the beauty of the project. They include cladding, gypsum works, floors (and parquet), painting, finishing and glass. And through our long experience, our specialized and trained team performs the work professionally, in addition to choosing suppliers and subcontractors with high efficiency and experience, without overlooked our customer in every work stage, starting from the selection of materials and providing samples to Reassured and satisfied our customer.

External works and landscaping

After studying the special nature of the project and discussing all the points with the customer or his representatives and studying the proposals and plans prepared by the consultant engineer and presenting and sharing our vision also through our qualified engineering team we have proactively and after the completion of the entire conception we carry out the works by a qualified and trained team with these works so that we have obtained spaces Wonderful and aesthetic and putty.

Electrical Works

Al Ahwar group contracting & general maintenance & building demolition Company have a team specialized in the implementation of electrical works, attention of smallest details with Focusing on the safety and security aliment for all employees and workers and occupational safety And Following -up of the latest developments in the science of technology and the use of the best equipment and tools.

Plumbing and drainage works

We provide reliable services and effective solutions to the most complex conditions for our customers by long our experience technicians and plumbers With the use of the best technology and modern equipment to accomplish the required tasks in a correct manner, speed and quality.

Waterproofing works

waterproofing is our great importance, and we specialize in providing ideal solutions for all waterproofing works for all types of construction elements (ceilings - walls - bathrooms, kitchens and wet area - sheds ceilings - concrete tanks). We are always looking for new and innovative technologies to use and provide our services with suitable prices. For all our clients, including real estate and commercial offices, real estate owners, and residential buildings

Pergola for al used Pergola for al used

Many people need pergola , whether it is at home, the company, the restaurant, and other places that are directly affected by sunlight, so Al-Ahwar Contracting Group provides you with the best types of umbrellas, berms, pergolas, hair houses, hangers, and nets of all shapes and sizes, at reasonable prices for everyone. Where it is manufactured with the finest raw materials that are suitable for all luxurious places, our company offers the best international types and modern designs, we have many years of experience in this field that makes us able to help all our customers in choosing the types and shapes suitable for them, in addition to that we have the most qualified engineers and technicians Who are characterized by high efficiency, and we are distinguished by our prices, which are among the cheapest in the UAE market.

Demolition works

A concrete structure may be demolished for many reasons, apart from cost and environmental impacts. It is not always easy to make the decision to remove, but sometimes, it just has to be done without any other considerations. It is therefore important to know the appropriate circumstances when demolition of a building may be necessary or important. The owner, consultant or government agencies can order the demolition of the building according to what these authorities see and when it is necessary. We in our company carry out demolition work based on engineering studies with the best competencies with long experience and long experience in this specialty, taking into account the competing companies, so we offer the best Market competitive prices.

Demolition works

Al-Ahwar Group Contracting & General Maintenance & Building Demolition & Cleaning services Companies undertakes the tasks of providing general cleaning services such as cleaning buildings, roads, cities, airports and the headquarters of ministries and companies through the latest approved and internationally licensed cleaning methods and equipment. Cleaning services include cleaning the headquarters in general, internally and externally, as may be stipulated in the contract, where waste is removed and containers are emptied using the latest methods and technologies. One of the most important and dangerous cleaning tasks is cleaning the exterior glass of tall buildings that need accuracy and protection, in addition to special equipment and machines, and equipping the worker with protective clothing and systems.