About us

About us

Al Ahwar group contracting & general maintenance & building demolition is a rapidly growing and thriving company established in city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates with a strong focus on developing projects with unique concepts, by working for many years of experience in the construction field. Our teams and specialized, trained and qualified work cadres carry out every task with high accuracy and professionalism to ensure success in every project entrusted to us. We bout our targets, plans and programs proactively so as to exceed the expectations of our customers. So that it enhances our business and helps us to grow and prosper in light of the competition in the market. While maintaining a permanent relationship with our customers by gaining their trust through our distinguished performance and cooperation and providing all means of advice and guidance on our part.

Al Ahwar group contracting & general maintenance & building demolition is a company supported by people with special and unique skills with long experience who lead the brilliance of the company, and the diversity of these vibrant forces is what enabled us to become more sophisticated, perfect and brilliant.


Our mission

In Al Ahwar group contracting & general maintenance & building demolition, we do our work with accuracy, ingenuity, continuous follow-up, and credibility to reach the highest level and spread.

Our vision

Our team of professionals always works while maintaining a strong belief in core values. Which drives these values constantly to improve the quality of work and raise the level of performance and thus help build a healthy society around us.

Our core values are: